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How to dominate Influencer Marketing and Social Engineering w/ Joe Sinkwitz

How to dominate Influencer Marketing and Social Engineering w/ Joe Sinkwitz

In this Tech Bound Conversation, I speak to Joe Sinkwitz about Influencer Marketing, Social Engineering, and Black Hat SEO. Joe is the founder and CEO of Intellifluence and Digital Heretix, SEO legend, and Influencer Marketing expert.

0:00 Introduction
2:06 Bootstrapping Intellifluence
6:27 How Joe caused the Payday Loan update
8:25 Getting into hacking
10:16 Manipulating opinions with Social Engineering
14:46 How to defend against social engineering
16:54 Online Reputation Management
21:52 Influencer Marketing for dry topics
26:32 The most efficient social channels as of now
27:38 Examples of successful Influencer Marketing campaigns
29:08 Disclosing sponsored posts vs. not
30:57 How to become an influencer
32:40 Writing a book about Influencer Marketing
35:14 The underrated value of communities
39:32 How Joe learns new things
44:41 State of the Influencer Industry
49:23 What SEOs should know about Influencer Marketing
54:44 Bacon Ipsum Wine and Co-Flounder at Napa Summit
58:39 Psychological trigger in social engineering
60:00 Writing children’s stories for education
60:02 Mental clarity from Intermittent Fasting

Show notes
The Ultimate Guide to Using Influencer Marketing:
Digital Heretix
Joe on Marketing Land
Joe on Search Engine Land
Joe on Twitter:
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