Aug 5, 2022 • 1HR 2M

Tim Soulo - Marketing bets, the future of SEO tools, and ethical marketing

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Kevin Indig
Tech Bound is a podcast about inspiring Growth Ideas pitched by the best in the field.
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0:00 Warmup questions

5:27 Important metrics SEO tools can’t provide

10:20 How will Yep make Ahrefs better?

16:35 The biggest bet Tim took that paid off

20:13 How Ahrefs manages to not run out of keywords to write about

22:28 How to decide when to refresh content

27:06 Is SEO becoming more product than marketing?

33:33 Ahrefs most underutilized feature

40:29 How to differentiate from all the other SEO tools

44:15 The future of SEO tools

49:07 Tim’s secret believe

51:22 The place of social media in today’s marketing

56:23 What Tim wishes for the SEO community