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3 Bets for Spotify's future of Growth w/ Tommy Walker

3 Bets for Spotify's future of Growth w/ Tommy Walker

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On their latest investor day, Founder and CEO Daniel EK presented 6 bets for the future, of which 3 are unknown. In this Tech Bound episode, Tommy Walker and Kevin discuss the 3 unknown bets Spotify might pursue as part of its strategy.

They discuss the importance of infrastructure for live streaming and the potential for an incubator program to help discover new artists. They also discuss the possibility of independent artists being able to provide a Patreon equivalent on Spotify and concert streaming.


Spotify investor day

The Content Studio

The Cutting Room show


00:01:25 - The six bets for Spotify's future

00:02:45 - Live streaming

00:11:15 - An incubator program for new artists

00:16:35 - A Patreon equivalent on Spotify

00:21:45 - Concerts

00:27:15 - Data analysis and personalization in the music industry

00:32:00 - Marketing music in the digital age

00:37:00 - How Spotify could test artists for their potential

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