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Widget links, goldmines and Sergey Brin

Widget links, goldmines and Sergey Brin

In this Tech Bound Conversation, I speak to Jim Christian, Found and CEO of Advanced Search Summit and Blush Digital, about the crazy link building tactics he pulled off at Head of SEO at Godaddy, buying Sergey Brin dinner, and starting a vastly successful SEO conference.

0:00 Introduction
2:02 GoDaddy’s goldmine
5:22 How to file an SEO patent
8:25 Jim’s way to run SEO at Godaddy
15:53 Godaddy’s famous link penalty
24:02 Widget lnikbuilding still works
31:20 Starting an agency after working in-house
39:27 Starting Napa Search Summit
49:55 The time Jim paid for Sergey Brin's dinner
57:45 Meeting famous people

Show notes

  • Advanced Search Summit:

  • 15% coupon code for Napa Summit April 22-24th: "techbound"

  • Rosewood Hotel:

  • Blush digital:

  • Digital Marketers Community:

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