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What SEOs should learn from Product Development

What SEOs should learn from Product Development

In this episode of Tech Bound Conversations, I talk to Malte Landwehr (VP of Product at Searchmetrics, a German SEO platform) about:

0:00 How Germans show their love by forcing foreigners to drink Club-Mate.
3:50 How Malte transitioned from one of the most respected German SEOs to product development
9:20 The SEO agency Malte started that lead to a boot camp in Greece.
21:11 Malte's fake Twitter accounts
26:09 Why Malte wanted to "get out of SEO"
28:36 Being data-informed vs. data-driven
31:47 How Malte and his team came up with a product strategy for Searchmetrics
34:55 The tools Malte and his toom use on a day-to-day basis
41:00 What Malte learned from SEO for Product?
46:55 How SEOs can better collaborate with Product
51:02 Why SEO should be under Product and not Marketing
54:25 How Product can better collaborate with SEO
56:12 What Malte has changed his mind about in terms of SEO now that he's "out"

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