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The state of AI and SEO w/ Christopher Penn

The state of AI and SEO w/ Christopher Penn

Christopher Penn is the co-founder/Chief Data Scientist at Trust Insights, co-host of Marketing Over Coffee, and three-time IBM Champion in IBM Analytics.

In this Tech Bound podcast, Christopher Penn lays it all out: the impact of GPT-3 on SEO, what you can do with machine learning and what not, and the tools he uses for the AI-powered SEO process.

0:00 Introduction
0:59 The impact of GPT-3 on SEO
8:46 The AI-powered SEO process
13:04 Using Markov Chains for analytics and conversion attribution
18:25 Tools SEOs can use for machine learning
21:24 Do keywords still matter in an AI world?
28:09 Challenges that come with AI-generated content
36:56 Old knowledge is dangerous
40:32 Decay in Marketing
44:29 Optimization vs. Innovation
47:23 What Christopher is curious about at the moment

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