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Tech Bound - Phil Nottingham - Audio

Tech Bound - Phil Nottingham - Audio

Phil Nottingham is the Brand & Marketing strategist at Wistia, a Youtube competitor. In this conversation, I speak with Phil about the power of long-form video, audience targeting, brand building, Shakespeare, and more.

0:00 Introduction
0:51 Why is long-form video content to important for brands?
5:18 Joe Rogan's success
7:27 Deep musical theory, hardcore history, and tribal behavior
9:31 Distribution of long-form content
12:45 How Phil would grow a brand with video
15:33 Finding and defining your target audience
17:57 Wistia vs. Youtube
23:06 Is Wistia better for SEO than Youtube?
25:40 Phils former live in SEO
31:26 Playing the long game
32:24 What you can learn from music about brand building
33:45 Phil's path to music
36:03 3 quick-fire questions

Show notes:

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