Jul 24, 2020 • 50M

Sam Oh - The art of video storytelling

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Kevin Indig
Tech Bound is a podcast about inspiring Growth Ideas pitched by the best in the field.
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Sam Oh is the mastermind behind Ahrefs’ video channel. Without any prior experience, he “figured out” how to grow it from 0 to 500,000 viewers and 150,000 subscribers! Let that sizzle on your tongue. In this interview, I talk with Sam about

  1. Telling stories with videos

  2. Growing Ahrefs’ channel

  3. Learning by observation

  4. Link automation

  5. Youtube SEO

Do not - I repeat: DO NOT - miss this one. It’s a treat. A juicy, chocolate-wrapped story of a true Marketer.

0:00 Introduction
2:18 Agency exit
3:55 joining AHREFS
6:39 How Sam made AHREFS’ Youtube channel successful
15:39 Repurposing written content into video
18:37 How much time goes into video creation
19:54 Measuring the success of Youtube videos
24:25 Youtube SEO
29:32 The key to creating better videos
31:02 Becoming a better storyteller
35:09 Link automation
47:40 Who Sam looks up to

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