Jan 28, 2022 • 46M

Peep Laja on building an audience and dominating your category

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Kevin Indig
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0:00 Introduction

1:08 Why is it crucial to build an audience

1:53 The best way to build an audience

3:52 The importance of a strategic narrative

8:08 How to build a strategic narrative step-by-step

13:20 The power of category generation

17:48 Serving an underserved niche in a big market

19:37 The Cambrian SaaS explosion

22:50 Building brand salience

25:34 Product Expansion and transient advantages

30:24 How Google is a monopoly and stuck at the same time

33:12 Competing on price

41:00 How to combine messaging and narrative



The end of competitive advantage: https://hbr.org/2013/08/the-end-of-competitive-advanta

Wynter: https://wynter.com/

CXL: https://cxl.com/

Peep on Twitter: https://twitter.com/peeplaja



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