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Nigel Stevens on SEO data, forecasting, and agency value

Nigel Stevens on SEO data, forecasting, and agency value

Nigel Stevens, CEO & Founder of Organic Growth Marketing and former Head of SEO of BigCommerce, talks to me about using SEO data the right way, SEO forecasting, and how agencies can provide real value to their customers.

0:00 Introduction
1:16 How SEOs should think about data
2:53 SEO opportunity sizing
5:55 Translating traffic potential into Dollars
7:16 Slicing traffic forecasts into scenarios
8:46 Forecasting for different business models
11:00 Micro conversions
14:02 Nigel's tools
15:37 Projecting traffic inhouse vs. agency-side
18:30 What SEO agency clients care about
21:38 Client retention for SEO agencies
25:38 What in SEO can you prove with data and what not?
29:37 How to think when working with imperfect data
31:33 Good hypothesis formulation
33:02 How to sell imperfect data to clients
34:48 Planning for the year ahead
36:52 rapid-fire questions

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