Jan 20, 2021 • 44M

Jimmy Daly: Succeeding at Content Marketing, Superpath, and career-building

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Kevin Indig
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Jimmy Daly is the founder of Superpath and former VP of Growth at animals, one of the leading agencies and advocates of content marketing. Jimmy and I speak about being successful at the business side of content marketing, his new company Superpath, and how content marketers can build a six-figure income career.

0:00 Introduction
0:52 Why is there so much lukewarm content out there?
2:56 What makes content marketing teams successful
6:27 How the best content marketing teams measure their success
9:13 Pitching the business impact of content marketing to decision-makers
10:28 Making room for "the creative" while going driving revenue
14:03 How Jimmy would set up a content marketing strategy for a new brand
15:39 The difference between content marketing for companies with long vs short sales cycles
18:29 What to invest your money in
20:43 The best content marketing campaigns Jimmy has seen
22:53 Outstanding content marketing
25:13 Why Jimmy founded Superpath
28:40 The vision for Superpath
31:20 Hiring content marketing talent
32:54 Building a content marketer career
35:54 Jimmy's content marketing strategy for Superpath
39:47 Rapid fire questions

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