Nov 20, 2019 • 54M

How to build killer online businesses w/ Nick Eubanks

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Kevin Indig
Tech Bound is a podcast about inspiring Growth Ideas pitched by the best in the field.
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Everybody wants to build profitable online businesses but it's tough as nails. In this Tech Bound Conversation, I talk to Nick Eubanks from FromTheFuture about what makes an online business successful and how to build one.

0:00 Intro
1:17 Where Nick’s competitive drive is coming from
4:18 Nick’s passion for cars
5:49 What cars and online businesses have in common
9:25 How Nick builds online businesses
14:44 The cycle of bundling and unbundling
16:44 What to do with content copy cats
23:25 Using Eventbrite to occupy SERPs with local intent
26:19 What people are missing about keyword research
32:05 Keyword research tools
36:11 Building a data warehouse for SEO
38:04 User Intent changes over time
42:18 The future of TrafficThinkTank events
44:07 The problem with “do follow”
45:45 Using ADHD to your advantage

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