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Guillaume Cabane about Growth and becoming the VC of your time

Guillaume Cabane about Growth and becoming the VC of your time

Guillaume Cabane comes on the Tech Bound podcast to talk about investing your time like a VC, building Growth roadmaps, and running experiments. A true master of his craft, Guillaume is the former VP of Growth at Drift, Segment, and Mention, current VP of Growth Gorgias, and advisor to G2, Abstract, Metadata, Madkudu, MonkeyLearn.

0:00 Introduction
1:23 Be the VC of your time
4:28 The risk-taker and tinkerer mindset
8:57 The first things Guillaume would look at when growing a company with strong PMF
12:18 When to be CAC-efficient and when not
15:16 Building a Growth roadmap
17:32 The master's tools
20:43 EVELYN - Experiment Velocity Engine Lifting Your Numbers
24:49 What distinguishes good from bad experiments
27:47 Creating value where others don't see value
31:36 Guillaume's Zone of Genius
31:56 Teams over Self
32:16 How failure set Guillaume up for success

Show notes
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Shackleton - Voyage:

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Tech Bound
Tech Bound Podcast
Tech Bound is a podcast about inspiring Growth Ideas pitched by the best in the field.