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April AMA: Startup SEO, reviving flat traffic, starting a new job, developing ideas & more

April AMA: Startup SEO, reviving flat traffic, starting a new job, developing ideas & more

All questions:

0:32 How does SEO look like in 3-6-12 months when you land a new job/start a new project in an agency vs startup vs enterprise environment?
3:02 Which low-hanging fruit do you spot most often when checking out new sites? Perhaps divide it into small, SaaS (b2b), and large, inventory-based sites.
4:12 If you could go back 5yrs and say one thing to your past SEO self what would it be?
5:24 What is your most complex enterprise SEO project aside from Shopify? And did this project use Shopify? :)
6:40 When you already have your keyword list, and its volumes/organic CTR based LOOSE traffic potential, how do you create estimates/forecasts that are useful vs unrealistic/impossible?
8:42 When SEO traffic is almost flat line with no growth for more than 6 months, what should I do differently, where to go for ideas?
9:51As a startup, Should you first invest in SEO or Paid ads?
11:50 If there’s anything I learned from this post, it’s that SEOs like talking about the idea of SEO rather than actually doing it. Search landscape is always changing, adapt or get out. Time spent complaining is time better spent working.
12:45 How can I grow with a bootstrapped budget?
13:56 What areas do you think SEOs do not spend enough time talking or researching about?
14:54 SEO tips every early-stage founder should know!
16:22 If you had to pick one, what change are you/or have you implemented at Shopify that you're most excited about?
17:04 How can you grow in a competitive industry without buying links?
18:32 Where is the industry headed? Will SEO be a thing in 5 years?
19:55 Have you ever tried reverse engineering google algorithms to know how they actually work?
20:54 Where do ideas come from? Can we train our brains to be idea machines (big or small)?
22:00 The most persistent piece of SEO advice out there that you flat out disagree with?
23:14 What leads to a healthy SEO team culture? (And does "healthy" evolve with the company stage/size?)

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