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Alexis Sanders on Tech Bound

Alexis Sanders on Tech Bound

In this Tech Bound Conversation, I speak to Alexis Sanders, senior SEO at Merkle and creator of many excellent SEO articles and presentations, about mathematic, the joy of learning, and solving complex SEO problems.

0:00 Introduction
1:00 Getting good in writing as a Marketer
8:00 Having fun with learning
11:07 The technical SEO game
22:02 Alexi’s technical SEO routine
23:33 Exploratory SEO testing for sites
27:30 Going to computer science school
30:36 The Theory of Computation
33:32 A process for tackling complex problems
40:00 Doing as good as you can and focusing on the possible
46:50 How Alexis learns new things

Alexis on Twitter:
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National November Writing Month:
Book - Why's guide to Ruby:
Book - How to be good at math:
Book - How to not be wrong the power of mathematical thinking:
2 SEO games:,
SEER - 55 resources to learn SEO:
Khan Academy:
SEMrush - how to learn technical SEO:
Mike King Technical SEO Rennaissance:

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Tech Bound Podcast
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