Nov 18, 2020 • 52M

Aaron Orendorff on best-in-class Content Marketing, e-commerce, and the "Sticking Point"

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Kevin Indig
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Aaron Orendorff is the VP of Marketing at Common Thread Collective and overall Content Marketing and Copy genius. In this podcast, we speak about non-linear buyer journeys, "The Sticking Point", best in class Content Marketing, and "Ground Zero" keywords. This podcast is a legit treasure trove of knowledge for any marketer!

0:00 Introduction
0:01 Fanboying each other
1:38 What to learn about content marketing from being a pastor and US Army officer
7:08 Aaron's research process for copywriting
10:58 What is "the code"?
17:40 "ground zero" keywords
19:10 Going from creator to VP of Marketing
23:36 Tools to measure Growth
28:10 Where the biggest drop-off along the funnel happens
31:35 Human irrationality in marketing
33:54 non-linear buyer journeys
37:12 Aaron's "Zone of Genius"
42:01 The "Sticking Point:" of content
44:33 Rapid-fire questions

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